TOur of Trucks and Trades

Sunday April 21, 2024
Langley Speedway
Early Access: 11am
General Admission: 12 noon – 3pm
Quiet Hour: 2pm – 3pm



Custom Hard Hat Decorating: Provide participants with plain hard hats and various decorating materials such as stickers, markers, paint, and reflective tape. Encourage them to personalize their hard hats while discussing the importance of identification on construction sites.

Tool Identification Challenge: Set up a station with common tools used in skilled trades. Participants wear hard hats and rotate through the station, identifying each tool and its typical use. This activity enhances familiarity with tools used in construction and other trades.

Middle School

Hard Hat Inspection and Maintenance: Teach participants how to inspect and maintain their hard hats. Provide different hard hats with simulated issues, such as cracks or missing parts. Participants rotate through stations, identifying and addressing these issues.

Toolbox Talks: Facilitate small group discussions (toolbox talks) while wearing hard hats. Topics can include safety procedures, communication on construction sites, and the importance of reporting hazards. This allows for interactive learning in a simulated work environment.

Construction Blueprint Challenge: Provide participants with simple construction blueprints and materials. Wearing hard hats, they work together to build a small structure following the plans. This collaborative activity introduces basic construction concepts and teamwork.

High School

Tool and Equipment Exploration: Set up a hands-on station with various tools and equipment used in skilled trades. Participants, wearing hard hats, can touch, handle, and learn about the functions of each tool, promoting familiarity and comfort.

Construction Site Simulation: Create a mini construction site with scaled-down structures, building materials, and tools. Participants, wearing hard hats, can engage in activities like hammering nails, drilling, or using construction vehicles in a safe, controlled environment.

Young Adult

Solar-Powered Projects: Introduce youth to solar energy by providing solar panels and simple electronic components. They can build solar-powered gadgets like small fans or light systems, exploring concepts related to electrical and renewable energy.

LEGO® Engineering Challenge: Challenge youth to build structures using LEGO® bricks. This activity promotes creativity, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills—important aspects of engineering and construction.

Basic Welding Simulation: Use safe, simulated welding tools to teach youth about basic welding techniques. This hands-on experience introduces them to the world of metalworking and fabrication.

Auto Mechanics Exploration: Set up a station with car parts (safely disassembled) and basic auto mechanic tools. Youth can explore the components, learn about the role of each part and even try assembling simple systems.

Concrete Mixing and Molding: Introduce youth to the basics of working with concrete. They can mix concrete, pour it into molds, and create small decorative items or stepping stones. This activity provides an introduction to masonry.

Landscaping and Gardening Projects: Engage youth in hands-on landscaping projects, such as planting flowers, creating garden beds, or installing simple irrigation systems. This introduces them to landscaping and horticulture.

Mini Electric Circuit Building: Create a station where youth can build small electric circuits using components like batteries, wires, bulbs, and switches. This activity introduces basic electrical concepts and sparks interest in the electrical trade.

Plumbing Pipe Creations: Provide plastic plumbing pipes, connectors, and colorful tape. Encourage youth to create their structures, like small sculptures or functional items, using the pipes. This hands-on project introduces them to plumbing concepts.